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Something for everyone in Rosebank:

We are here to help you discover Rosebank, South Africa

Welcome to Rosebank Management District

The Rosebank Management District has a cosmopolitan setting and vibrant atmosphere, and is bounded by Jan Smuts Avenue, Jellicoe Avenue, Bolton Road and Oxford Road.

Rosebank has become a hub of new businesses, trendy restaurants and art gallery openings. The area has become a leading example for environmental sustainability, liveability, connectivity, diversity and innovation.

We’re on the streets to make Rosebank better for you.We are the custodians of the Rosebank brand, and it’s our mission to make the area – your area – a better place.

Rosebank News

The Rosebank Hospitality Network

Initiated by the Rosebank Management Districts and Johannesburg in Your Pocket in early 2024, the Rosebank Hospitality Network is a platform for hotels and tourism industry stakeholders in Rosebank to connect to discuss shared challenges, look at collaborative initiatives to advance hospitality and tourism in the precinct, and engage the RMD about operational concerns and […]

Rosebank Districts ongoing projects

As the Rosebank Management Districts we are striving to create and maintain a well-integrated mixed-use precinct, underpinned by a vision to make Rosebank a leading urban example of a district with liveability, connectivity, diversity, environmental sustainability, and innovation at its heart. To this end, each year we develop and implement special projects that align with […]

Public parking and e-hailing in Rosebank

As with many urban areas experiencing rapid growth and development, Rosebank has been faced with numerous transport challenges. The increased volume of people into the district has brought with it many positives, but also a spike in illegal parking and the pressing need for designated e-hailing zones. We are committed to improving safety, mobility and traffic […]