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People of Rosebank: Meet Nathi Ndlovu

People of Rosebank: Meet Nathi Ndlovu

Rosebank is such an eclectic and multi-faceted neighbourhood, it comes as no surpise that its residents are also well worth meeting and chatting to.

We’d like to introduce you to the many faces that fill this suburb, and were lucky to sit down with long-time resident and EFF ward 117 convenor, Nathi Ndlovu.

Please explain your relation to Rosebank. Are you a resident, an employee, a ward representative or a business owner in Rosebank?

I am an Economic Freedom Fighters ward representative.

How long have you lived in Rosebank?

I have lived in ward 177 for seven years.

What do you love most about living in Rosebank?

I love living and conducting my work in Rosebank because I meet diverse people from all walks of life. This place also encourages me to do my work for the organisation, as there are huge inequality gaps between those who have and those who don’t have.

What is your favourite thing to do, or your favourite place to eat in Rosebank?

Wow, there are quite a few things I like to do in Rosebank. One is to engage with the homeless around and give them food, clothing and other items. I enjoy chatting with the guys from the homeless shelter, and I always love having a great laugh with the buskers at the mall.

Also, I do enjoy doing my shopping, but I wouldn’t say I have a favourite place to eat at – I enjoy changing places, so I can experience every restaurant. However, perhaps my most favourite place is Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream.


What do you think makes Rosebank different and unique?

I guess it’s the atmosphere and the vibe. Rosebank has a true African feel, compared to most communal and shopping districts in Johannesburg. It has a true sense of lifestyle. One just doesn’t visit Rosebank and leave without feeling like you belong – it feels like home the minute you enter from Jan Smuts Avenue, all the way to Oxford Road.

Rosebank caters for all of people’s needs, and there are several parks, taxi, train and bus stations. There are about five beautiful community parks, there is a clinic, a hospital, and police and fire stations, churches, schools, residential areas, business and much more.

How do you feel about the future of Rosebank?

I feel optimistic about the future of Rosebank. There are many developments currently happening, and there are many in the pipeline. The development by Standard Bank has also been great, and is positive for the area’s economic activity. So, I am very excited about the future of Rosebank.

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