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People of Rosebank: Meet Ursulla Grobbelaar

People of Rosebank: Meet Ursulla Grobbelaar

Rosebank is such an eclectic and multi-faceted neighbourhood, it comes as no surpise that its residents are also well worth meeting and chatting to.

We’d like to introduce you to the many faces that fill this suburb, and were lucky to sit down with long-time resident, real estate agent and caretaker at Broadlands, Ursulla Grobbelaar.

Please explain your relation to Rosebank. Are you a resident, an employee or a business owner in Rosebank?

I am a resident.

How long have you lived in Rosebank?

I have lived in Rosebank for 11 years.

What do you love about living in Rosebank?

I love the close proximity to everything, the Gautrain, the vibe and the people.

What is your favourite thing to do in Rosebank?

I love going for my walks – I walk from Rosebank to Saxonwold, I also enjoy going to the zoo and meeting friends for coffee, as we have so many great coffee shops.

Do you have a favourite restaurant or shop in Rosebank?

Mythos, Father Coffee and Woolworths.

What do you think makes Rosebank different and unique?

The vibe – there is a village feel, similar to SoHo in New York City. It’s trendy and funky. I hope all these new developments do not kill the vibe!

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