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Stakeholders meet at Rosebank Management District AGM

Stakeholders meet at Rosebank Management District AGM

On Thursday October 22 the Rosebank Management District held its first virtual AGM, presenting the opportunity for district stakeholders, board members and the precinct management team to meet remotely and discuss the progress of plans and operations during the past 12 months.

Extraordinary and unexpected times

The opening Chairman’s report reflected on the extraordinary and unexpected times that have arrived in 2020. The district has remained strong and weathered this most difficult time as a community and the ‘new normal’ has particularly highlighted just how critical it is to continue to work together and form partnerships.

In 2019 / 2020 the Rosebank Management District was appointed a new Precinct Manager, Lerato Khiba, who has been praised for her tireless dedication and was described at the meeting as someone who “truly puts her heart and soul” into this job.

“In order to prevail over the challenges and problems facing the neighbourhood we need a strong board, with a clear vision and suitable executive support constituted of knowledgeable, skilled and passionate people as well as adequate resources. We are very happy to have Lerato Khiba as our Precinct Manager, who is truly all of these things and brings a wealth of private and public sector experience to underpin her work”.

Photo by Subodh Agnihotri / Shutterstock

Safe and clean public spaces

Funded by Rosebank property owners and managed by Excellerate Services, the Rosebank Management District was created with the aim to ensure Rosebank thrives as a well-integrated, diverse, safe and clean, mixed-use precinct. To do this the management district has a number of initiatives including:

  • A street cleaning and gardening team that work to keep the streets of Rosebank neat and tidy.
  • A team of 13 Public Safety Ambassadors, supported by 3 non-lethal armed response vehicles who patrol the district 24/7 and a 24/7 control room.
  • Regular communication with the Rosebank SAPS about crime issues including identifying and reporting hotspot areas where drug distribution and phone snatching is taking place, and helping visitors remain vigilant about the ongoing issue of phone snatching, which is now rife in many parts of the city.
  • Regular communication with the JMPD to ensure by-laws around illegal parking and traffic congestion are better enforced. Going forward the district is also seeking further engagement with the city about more permanent structural solutions on the streets to tackle this ongoing issue.
  • As part of the district’s social responsibility initiatives, financial support is also provided to the Immaculata Shelter and the Rosebank Homeless Association who provide support to the homeless in the area.

Engaging with the city on service delivery

Aging infrastructure is a critical concern for the city as a whole, especially given the City of Joburg’s insufficient budget. As an engaged and committed district Rosebank continues to liaise with service delivery departments from the City of Joburg, as well as Ward Cllr Truluck, to find resolutions to outstanding infrastructure and urban management issues.

Furthermore, the district is also monitoring current works taking place to ensure that the quality of reinstatements is up to standard and that contractors remain compliant.

Thinking forward

Rosebank has grown considerably in recent years. In the past year alone construction was completed on four major new buildings in the district, with another three (Oxford on Maine, The Bank and The Median) currently under construction.

Meeting the needs of this ever-growing neighbourhood, Rosebank Management District continues to liaise with a range of city departments and stakeholders to pursue long-term projects that will ensure Rosebank retains its status as one of the cleanest, safest, most walkable, vibrant and successful districts in the city.

In addition to the regular lobbying and follow-up work surrounding service delivery issues, some of the many other ongoing projects and discussions that the district is currently involved in include:

  • The Rosebank Transport Action Group which was formed to address and find a solution for the overloaded Rosebank taxi rank. The group is currently in discussions with the Department of Transportation and the JDA about the possibility of a new holding facility for the taxis. The group is also liasing on the department’s study about bicycle lanes which will be conducted in the Rosebank area.
  • Pursuing City Power to improve the quality of the bulbs they use for the street lights in the district.
  • Pursuing the roads agency to resurface roads in Rosebank.
  • Liaising with Joburg Parks about the new Events Park on Keyes Avenue.
  • Discussions with Uber about safe pick-up and drop-off points.
  • Discussions with Pikitup about the possibility of providing Separation @ Source awareness and bins in the precinct.

Working together to meet Rosebank’s growing demands

Despite the challenges presented by the economic downturn and 2020 pandemic, Rosebank continues to experience an increase in property development. In particular, the residential sector is booming as the district becomes widely recognised as a safe, clean and vibrant urban node in which to work, live, shop and play.

As old and new stakeholders come together to continue to pursue common goals with dedication and passion, Rosebank will only continue to thrive!

~Rosebank. A Better Place, Your Place

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