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Festive message from the Rosebank Management District

Festive message from the Rosebank Management District

As we usher into the festive season, we would like to commend the strength and resilience shown by our members and stakeholders, residents, the city and our country as a whole in the face of the pandemic.

However, we must re-emphasise and recommit to ensuring to our individual and collective responsibility toward the health and safety of ourselves, our families and our community. We must continue to follow all precautions, wearing a mask, washing or sanitising our hands regularly and practicing social distancing.

Rosebank has faced challenges around service delivery, exacerbated by the change in administration in December 2019 and the impact on operational capacity resulting from the pandemic and lockdown. Despite our tireless efforts to engage and stay on track this has had a significant impact on the implementation of projects and plans for 2020.

The Board’s greatest concern is whether the existing infrastructure will be able to support the new development without a significant upgrade. This applies to water, electricity, drainage and sewerage, parks, pavements and pedestrianisation. Further whether the existing roads in and out of Rosebank can cater for the influx of new office and residential owners and tenants who will occupy the buildings.

The lack of bylaw enforcement by the JMPD, negatively impacts the functionality of the Rosebank area. Critically illegal parking by e-hailing services and motorists along Tyrwhitt, Cradock, Baker & Jellicoe Avenues has resulted in congestion on a daily basis. In light of these challenges a private sponsorship toward equipment for the JMPD to aid them in servicing the area has been tied up in red tape for more than 4 years.

We continue to support social cohesion by helping people to work together, identify and articulate their needs, engage with the authorities and mobilise during times of crisis. Johannesburg In Your Pocket, our marketing team has been doing an excellent job on our social media platforms by communicating events, programming and operational updates.

I want to thank our operations team from Excellerate Services who have been working hard since the start of lock down and will be working over the festive period to ensure a clean and safe Rosebank (A better place – your place).

The Rosebank team wishes our stakeholders peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year. We thank you for your continued support and partnership and look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Lerato Khiba (on behalf of Rosebank Management District)

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