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Why join the Rosebank Management District?

Why join the Rosebank Management District?

If you are based in Rosebank, the question of why you should join the Rosebank Management District (RMD) has an easy answer. You’ll be adding your contribution to an ongoing initiative fixed on ensuring the growth and betterment of the Rosebank precinct, one of the most sought-after districts in Johannesburg.

City Improvement or Business Improvement Districts were created as a mechanism to leverage private funding in cities as a catalyst for urban regeneration and local area development.  This investment contributes to an enhanced public environment, increased property values, improved sales for local retailers, and decreased commercial vacancy rates.

The Rosebank Management District is a not-for-profit company led by a board of representatives from various sectors in the district – including property development companies, representatives of retail, hospitality and commercial properties, and residents. The RMD strives to create and maintain a well-integrated mixed-use precinct, and we have a vision for making Rosebank a leading example for liveability, connectivity, diversity, environmental sustainability, and innovation.

What are the benefits of joining the RMD?

Members of the RMD have access to the shared services funded by the company which include cleaning, maintenance, security and CCTV of the public space. These services are intended to supplement those provided by the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality. However, in many instances, these are the only services being provided to stakeholders in the precinct.

We also provide a platform for collective representation and advocating for stakeholders within the Rosebank node. This includes engaging with the city council, various city departments on service delivery issues and addressing other concerns that have an impact on the sustainability, growth and development of the neighbourhood.

A key objective of RMD is to create greater opportunities for people who live and work in Rosebank. To this end, the promotion and development of Rosebank is critical in attracting and retaining investment.

By working to enhance the attraction of the area, opportunity is created for various sectors, including retail, hospitality, commercial and residential, which benefit from the desirability, accessibility and usability of a well-managed area.

Who can join the RMD? 

Application for membership can be made by property owners, commercial tenants, the business community, a public benefit organisation and/or an association of people that operates within the district.

How does RMD membership work? 

Stakeholders contribute a membership fee towards the company and then have access to the common services offered by the RMD. Members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors which are elected annually at an Annual General Meeting.

The Board manages and controls the business and affairs of the Company, including management oversight, project identification and prioritisation and budget approval. It is important to note that membership is voluntary.

What are the RMD’s key priorities in general?

The RMD works closely with its members to ensure they receive value from the district and are invested in the common objectives of the company. Our key priorities include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Maintaining a safe, clean and accessible environment.
  • Ensuring sustainable development and growth of the precinct.
  • Promotion of Rosebank as a functional destination to live, work and play.
  • Protection and enhancement of cultural and heritage assets.
  • Providing an urban environment that is walkable and offers ease of access to public transport networks.

What are the costs associated with this? 

The membership contributions are considered for each member, either based on the value, or size, of their property or business.

What does the membership fee cover? 

 The membership contributions go toward funding the complimentary services, management, marketing and special projects provided by the RMD. Unlike municipal levies, all the money raised by the RMD and its members is utilised within the district to achieve the stated objectives.

What are some of RMD’s most recent achievements?

The RMD is proud of its work in establishing and growing Rosebank as one of Joburg’s most vibrant and successfully managed precincts. We intend to ensure the node remains a popular destination of choice for business and leisure, visitors and residents. Highlights of our most recent achievements include:

  • The repair and refurbishment of roads and walkways to address potholes, cracks and accessibility concerns in the precinct. This project is sponsored by the RMD as proof of concept and will be carried out in phases. The first point of focus has been on Tyrwhitt and Bath Avenues.
  • Escalation of security challenges in Rosebank through an engagement and walkabout with the former MMC for Public Safety, with the aim of establishing Rosebank as a priority precinct with consistent JMPD deployment to address challenges relating to illegal parking, traffic management and by-law enforcement.
  • The launch of public space CCTV. In 2023 additional surveillance points will be added for improved safety and security.
  • We continue to tackle service delivery challenges and engage the relevant City of Joburg entities with the intention of creating more enabling partnerships to support developments in the precinct.

What do we want to focus on going forward?

Our key focus moving forward includes maintenance, place-making initiatives, an improvement in service delivery escalation and operational services.

To join us and support initiatives by RMD, please contact our membership office on 082 386 2680 or

Follow our social media platforms for daily updates on operational concerns, events and safety tips. TwitterFacebookInstagram.

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