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Latest transport developments in Rosebank

Latest transport developments in Rosebank

Like many rapidly growing urban neighbourhoods and precincts, Rosebank has been faced with several transport challenges owing to new developments and the ever-expanding residential, corporate, lifestyle and retail demands on the node. The upgrade of the Rosebank taxi rank, improved parking for e-hailing services and illegal parking amongst others are some of the pressing issues related to transport.

To this end, the Rosebank Management District hosted the first ever Rosebank Transport Indaba in October 2021. At the Indaba we brought together multiple stakeholders in transport as well as municipal officials to highlight existing challenges in the precinct, and to facilitate a platform to explore and discuss potential solutions. The Indaba sought to create an actionable template for the precinct’s future transport integration, fuelled by a vision that Rosebank can serve as an example for how other neighbourhoods can tackle transport challenges through successful stakeholder collaboration.

Two years later, the Rosebank Management District is pleased to see some of the tabled plans and outcomes of the Indaba being actioned. Here are some of the transport projects currently underway in the precinct.

Designated  E-hailing zones on Cradock Avenue

In May 2022 Blend Property Group engaged in a road upgrade of Cradock Avenue. The aim was to seek solutions to congestion in the area, partly created by the unsuitability of the current Rosebank taxi rank to the growth of taxi commuter services in the area, illegal parking, and obstacles to optimising e-hailing services. 

The project saw the narrowing of the road to create designated drop-off and pick-up points for improved traffic flow, pedestrianisation and safety. 

The project also included the installation of a magnificent Edoardo Villa sculpture, “Tree of Life”, at the corner of Tyrwhitt Avenue and Cradock Avenue. What has for so long been an unpleasant corner of Rosebank has been transformed to enhance walkability and visitor experience in the neighbourhood.

Rosebank Taxi Rank facility upgrade

In recent years, the capacity of the Rosebank taxi rank has been outstripped by a growing commuter base in the node, resulting in taxis sprawling out of the holding facility to busy Biermann Avenue and Jellicoe Avenue. This poses a great deal of safety concerns for the community and adds to the congestion, especially during peak hours. In November 2022, the Johannesburg Development Agency, an implementing agent of the City of Johannesburg Transport Department commenced with phase 1 of the upgrade of the taxi rank with the following scope of work: 

  • Upgrade of the food stall in the existing facility;
  • Upgrade of ablution facilities in the existing facility;
  • Upgrade of the intersection of the entrance and exit points of the existing facility;
  • Traffic impact assessment of the intersections at the entrances of the current Rosebank Transport Facility;
  • Transport study to understand traffic patterns and congestion during on and off-peak hours of the current taxi operations within the Rosebank area; and,
  • Public Environmental Upgrades to improve key pedestrian Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) access to the existing Rosebank public transport facility.

The second phase of the project entails the provision of an additional holding facility to accommodate the spillage of the overflow of minibus and metered taxis in the area. Plans include repurposing two of the street lanes on Jellicoe Avenue and redirecting traffic flow. Updates will be provided as the project resumes. 

Rosebank e-Micro Mobility Pilot Project

Officially kicked off in February 2023, the Rosebank e-Micro Mobility Pilot Project aims to test e-bikes as a viable option for the e-delivery sector in a real part of a South African city. This includes deliveries of food, groceries, medicine and other goods ordered on e-commerce platforms. Championed by CityCon Africa, 15 e-bikes donated by e-bike supplier companies will be in rotation in Rosebank, and used to train 20 riders. 

The pilot project is underway with on-the-ground deliveries almost ready to go. It was intended to run as a 6-month pilot, however there are a few bottlenecks in the renewables supply chain and one or two technical issues to iron out as they prepare to implement. The pilot is expected to come to an end at Transport Month, in October 2023. 

This project aims to assist in alleviating the growing population of delivery services in the node with minimal to no-parking space. Find out more here.

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