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  • Community-based urban management
  • Improving the district and promoting further capital investments within the district;
  • The promotion and maintenance of the cultural assets within the district, including museums, art galleries, and heritage sites in recognition of Rosebank as a culturally significant area; and
  • The promotion and support of community development and social upliftment programmes within the district.

Existing and Proposed Services In The Area

Existing Services and Levels of Services by the Municipality

CID services are complementary and supplementary to those supplied by the local authority.

The RMD does not take over the Council’s responsibility. Through our good relationships with the utilities of Council, we ensure that they provide the basic services in the district as stipulated by their service level agreements. (For example, if Pikitup is supposed to collect refuse in the area twice a week, we ensure that they adhere to their collections.)

Services and Levels of Services provided

An assessment of the area was conducted, and various types of services were identified to promote the area. These services include:

  • Security;
  • Cleaning;
  • Maintenance;
  • Landscaping and;
  • Environment
Ambassadors Programme

Improvement districts provide cleaning and maintenance services over and above those provided by local government. This could include frequent pavement sweeping, daily trash and litter removal, weeding pavements, removal of illegal posters/pamphlets in the area and graffiti from buildings and public amenities.

Rosebank has altered this approach and opted for a team of Rosebank Ambassadors. This elite team of personnel on the street bring cleaning, urban monitoring and tourist information services together. The team are provided with distinctive uniforms, lightweight equipment for litter control and collection and a pack of Rosebank maps for distribution and wayfinding.

The team is responsible for:

  • General precinct cleaning
  • Urban monitoring
  • Touristic services and information

This approach ensure that the area is not only clean and litter free, but that team of Ambassadors integrate into the overall monitoring and information rendering services. Rosebank is an area that goes above and beyond the norm, and this is only part of our innovative service to our stakeholders.

Security (Crime Prevention and Urban Monitoring)

City Improvement Districts provide supplementary crime-prevention services to enhance services from the national and local policing forums.

All Ambassadors are in radio contact with the control room and the security detail on site, thus ensuring quick and effective service. The Ambassadors and security compliment undergo extensive and regular training, equipping them to effectively carry out the following services:

  • Deter and prevent crime;
  • Ensure the safety of pedestrians in Rosebank;
  • Assist tourists, visitors and locals with information and directions;
  • Understand and enforce the City of Johannesburg by-laws;
  • Encourage people to walk the streets through their presence and assistance.

Communication and a reciprocal relationship between SAPS, JMPD and RMD are essential, and representatives from the police station sit on the RMD Exco Meetings.

CIDs monitor any new major developments or interventions that impact the area: as the custodian of the area, the CID is aware and comments on new developments in the area. CIDs have effective working relationships with appropriate bodies or associations.

Placemaking, Branding and Marketing

The identity of a place equals its distinctiveness. Distinctiveness only occurs when the features and character of that place have been used creatively to develop and promote it. The individual qualities of that place can transform the economy of the area and the way it is promoted.

The way identity is used to market a place can bring opportunities for community development, whereby property owners and stakeholders participate in projects that encourage networking of relationships within it.

Parking and Transportation

Where possible, improvement districts work closely with Council, with regards to finding effective solutions. A close relationship with JMPD and Taxi Associations is vital to find effective solutions to taxi issues in the area.

Social Services

Improvement districts form alliances and partnerships with local NGOs and institutions to address common social issues within the immediate and surrounding areas.