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The cost of providing additional services is borne by the commercial property owners through the payment of a CID levy.

The levy is voluntary and is based on the use and or municipal land value of the individual erven. Unlike rates, funds contributed by the property owners may only be spent in the area in which they are collected.

The CID has a monthly budget providing for the stipulated services in the area, as well as any additional or capex items. The budget is reviewed annually by the board of elected business and property representatives from the area.

Levy Calculation and Schedule

When the Rosebank Management District was established and legislated, the levies were calculated based on the Erf Size.

When the new SRA Policy is approved, a new application will be submitted for the legislation of the Rosebank Management District. This will then enforce the levies as per a calculated levy for all property owners to ensure that the levies are equitable.