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YOGA creates space in the body and mind. In our time constrained society, yoga is a refuge that allows us to cultivate freedom when its hidden from our reality. Yoga Warrior offers flow (vinyasa) yoga classes based on the different yoga traditions with imaginative and inspiring classes that will revitalise you mentally as well as physically. Whether you are hoping to ease stiffness from an active lifestyle, looking to ground yourself in a stressful job, or simply wanting upliftment, yoga will take you on a journey to help fulfil these aspirations.


  • Mommy & Baby yoga (Specialty yoga)

    75 minute yoga class designed for mom as well as baby. Includes baby massage.

    R 150
  • Mommy & Toddler Series (Family Yoga)

    5 week series on Thursdays 4pm starting September for Moms and their 3 year olds

    R 650
  • Kids yoga (Specialty yoga)

    30 minute kdis yoga for 4 - 12 year olds

    R 100


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