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Through the adoption of the Rosebank Management District name and the brand that goes along with it, the management district has a marketing and place-making process in place, aimed at improving the Rosebank offering and creating an enterprising hub.

This process aims to improve the overall image of the area through place marketing, collaborative promotional strategies, market research and working with the media.

The brand strategy adopted is based on the strengths and weakness of the area, which together have led to the creation of key values that will guide the brand. The strategy consists of six key values and these are innovation, sustainability, inclusivity, people and community, experience, relationships and collaboration.

By addressing each point, the Rosebank Management District will become a node with:

  • An exceptional cleanliness and public safety programme;
  • A well-defined hub with prominent brand presence;
  • A clearly defined and implemented urban design framework that addresses all Rosebank’s infrastructural needs;
  • A pedestrian-friendly environment with clear way-finding and tourism routes;
  • Continual communication, ensuring that all stakeholders are kept informed;
  • A well-managed internal transport system that allows residents, tourists, employees and shoppers to move freely within the area;
  • Close relations with important organisations in the area.
  • A clear connection with the rest of Johannesburg, ensuring that information on activities and events outside the management district is available for people within the area.
  • Levels of output for each level of the marketing plan.
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to be taken into consideration.
  • Interventions to be put into place, based on projects from subcommittees

Timeline to include agreed-upon goals and interventions, including:

  • Short-Term: Clean and safe
  • Medium-Term: Custodians of the space (incl. events etc.)
  • Long-Term: Infrastructure upgrades (incl. lighting etc.)
Marketing Mix

The following is proposed in terms of a marketing mix for the Rosebank Management District:

  1. Place
    1. Advertising within the Boundaries of the Rosebank Management District
    2. Advertising in surrounding hotels, restaurants, transport hubs, airports, tourism companies and conferencing facilities.
  2. Product
    1. To indicate corporate identity along pavements and streetlights
  3. Promotion
    1. Promotion Plan to include CI, Events, Logo, Social Media and Branding. Branding can include printing on uniforms, dustbins, cars and streetlights.
    2. Communications can be implemented on a digital platform, including social media and websites, as well as physically.
      1. Digital communication includes social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as the development of an information-finding website
      2. Physical communication includes events, activations, placemaking, and infrastructure, that can include street lights, WiFi, CCTV, Solar Power and Digital Screen Solutions.