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Rosebank roads and walkways get an upgrade

Rosebank roads and walkways get an upgrade

The Rosebank Management District is committed to the advancement of Rosebank as one of Joburg’s leading economic, residential and lifestyle precincts.  To this end, the district is continuously seeking to innovatively address service delivery concerns and improve the state of the neighbourhood, ensuring it remains a popular destination of choice for business and leisure, visitors and residents.

A recent project by the RMD involves the repair and refurbishment of roads and walkways in the node for improved accessibility and walkability. Heavy rains, a lack of maintenance and other factors have contributed over recent months to an increase in potholes and uneven walkways. Left unattended for an extended period of time, these of course pose safety concerns for residents and visitors – and equally counter a positive experience of Rosebank.

After necessary consultations with our stakeholders and the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA), the RMD set out to identify streets in dire need for refurbishment and walkways affected by construction works and reinstatements in the neighbourhood. Pothole Patrol was appointed by the RMD as the contractor for the road repair and refurbishment along with Impala Contractors for the walkways. 

Of the nine streets in the immediate vicinity, Tyrwhitt and Bath Avenues were identified as the point of focus and proof of concept as part of the phased approach. The project scope included the filling of potholes and cracks, tar surfacing, installation of sustainable speed  humps and road lane markings. The RMD also sought to improve traffic flow and minimise illegal parking through the vivid markings and signage that has been put up on Bath and Tyrwhitt Avenues.

The result is a major improvement to the neighbourhood’s thoroughfares –creating a more welcoming space for visitors and residents.

It is important to note that the project was managed and funded solely by the RMD, LRMD and their stakeholders. We do intend to roll out the next phase of the project throughout the precinct – pending approval by our stakeholders. To join us and support initiatives by RMD, please contact our membership office on 082 386 2680 or

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