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Something for everyone in Rosebank:

We are here to help you discover Rosebank, South Africa

Welcome to Rosebank Management District

The Rosebank Management District has a cosmopolitan setting and vibrant atmosphere, and is bounded by Jan Smuts Avenue, Jellicoe Avenue, Bolton Road and Oxford Road.

Rosebank has become a hub of new businesses, trendy restaurants and art gallery openings. The area has become a leading example for environmental sustainability, liveability, connectivity, diversity and innovation.

We’re on the streets to make Rosebank better for you.We are the custodians of the Rosebank brand, and it’s our mission to make the area – your area – a better place.

Rosebank News

Latest transport developments in Rosebank

Like many rapidly growing urban neighbourhoods and precincts, Rosebank has been faced with several transport challenges owing to new developments and the ever-expanding residential, corporate, lifestyle and retail demands on the node. The upgrade of the Rosebank taxi rank, improved parking for e-hailing services and illegal parking amongst others are some of the pressing issues […]

Rosebank roads and walkways get an upgrade

The Rosebank Management District is committed to the advancement of Rosebank as one of Joburg’s leading economic, residential and lifestyle precincts.  To this end, the district is continuously seeking to innovatively address service delivery concerns and improve the state of the neighbourhood, ensuring it remains a popular destination of choice for business and leisure, visitors […]

A revitalised Rosebank – Rosebank district makes headlines

Rosebank is one of Joburg’s most popular retail precincts – and the neighbourhood is exploding with new businesses, corporate and residential buildings further cementing Rosebank’s status as Joburg’s leading lifestyle destination. Financial Mail recently published an article on the revitalisation of Rosebank — Here are three key takeouts.  Catalysts for change According to Justin Bass, […]