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What does the Rosebank Management District do?

What does the Rosebank Management District do?

Rosebank is one of Joburg’s most successfully managed precincts and remains the fastest growing economic node in the city. Under the robust and purposeful influence of the Rosebank Management District (RMD), stakeholders and residents, the precinct has become a leading example of diversity, connectivity, innovation and environmental sustainability with a cosmopolitan mix of established corporations, restaurants, hotels and art galleries.

Rosebank is a City Improvement District (CID) and the role of the Rosebank Management District is to continue the betterment of the neighbourhood by providing complementary services to those supplied by the City of Joburg. It is our mission to maintain Rosebank’s position as Joburg’s most vibrant and successfully managed district and to make Rosebank a popular place for business, leisure, visitors and residents.

Cleaning and maintenance by our Rosebank Ambassadors

To ensure our streets remain clean the RMD introduced the Rosebank Ambassador programme led by a team of 13 who are responsible for keeping our streets tidy. During the day you’ll find our Ambassador team out on the streets in their distinctive blue and green uniforms keeping the area clean and assisting visitors.

Our aim is to have a neighbourhood that is both clean and accessible and our Ambassadors were trained to welcome visitors in a curated programme led by Johannesburg In Your Pocket City Guides. The Ambassador training equipped our street cleaning team with the confidence and knowledge to provide on-the-street information to our many visitors on where to go, what to see and how to access services.

RMD Ambassador Training (2019)

Crime Prevention and Urban Monitoring by our security team

Strengthening policing and crime prevention in the neighbourhood, RMD employs a team of 9 security officers. Our reaction team patrol the neighbourhood round the clock on foot and in our branded security vehicles. They remain in constant radio contact with our control room to provide quick and responsive assistance whenever and wherever it is required.

Our security team has also established a working relationship with other private security firms operating in and around the suburb, sharing intelligence and a united goal of combatting crime and supporting the efforts of our local SAPS and JMPD.

RMD Security on neighbourhood patrol duty.

Through partnerships with our Rosebank stakeholders we have also installed surveillance cameras on our streets. These have been instrumental in bringing to justice those involved in vehicle theft and phone snatching.

If you have any safety or security instances you would like to report in our neighbourhood, inform one of our security officers or call our hotline at 087 094 9999 (Option 3).

Supporting organisations serving the homeless

As an improvement district, Rosebank is not immune to social challenges. Homelessness remains one of the biggest social ills faced by the district and we work closely with the Rosebank Homeless Shelter to support their initiatives assisting those in need. One such initiative is the Car Guard Adoption project. RMD provides training and uniforms to homeless residents of the shelter, equipping them with car guarding skills and the opportunity to put these to use effectively in our neighbourhood.

Rosebank Catholic Church

Following up reinstatements and working with the city

The City of Joburg is responsible for infrastructural maintenance in our neighbourhood, such as fixing water and power outages and repairing roads and potholes. To ensure that the City follows its commitments to resolving infrastructural issues, our precinct management team follows up on every reported outage in the neighbourhood from incidence to reinstatement.

Our precinct management team, alongside our local ward councillor, also act as a voice for the neighbourhood at relevant Community Based Planning meetings and work to establish relationships with those involved in developments, such as the upgrading of parks and transport nodes, to ensure that the needs of Rosebank are taken into account.

RMD Precinct Manager Lerato Khiba. Photo by Naidine Sibanda

Placemaking, Branding and Marketing

Rosebank has a distinct identity and as the district grows in stature RMD has invested in the branding and promotion of Rosebank as a cosmopolitan and urban lifestyle destination. Our informed marketing strategy ensures the vibrant attractions of Rosebank are well promoted and that our stakeholders and businesses continue to find themselves in one of the most popular areas of the city.

RMD offers strategic support to its stakeholders and businesses through consistent digital and social media messaging, keeping visitors and residents informed of our attractions, as well as of new developments in the area.

RMD pylon map outside Rosebank Gautrain station/ Rosebank In Your Pocket mini-guide.

To cement its identity, the district has populated its branding across all corners of the precinct. From our branded uniforms, public bins and vehicles, to our pylon map situated at the exit of the Rosebank Gautrain station indicating how to navigate the district on foot. Wherever you see our logo, you can know that you are in safe hands!

~Rosebank. A Better Place, Your Place

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