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#GoRosebank a non-motorised transportation initiative

#GoRosebank a non-motorised transportation initiative

Rosebank has always been distinguished by its commitment to walkability. The neighbourhood has the potential to be Joburg’s most walkable and welcoming as it also boasts an integrated transport system affording residents and visitors ease of movement and access from multiple entry points into the area.

Transport modes in the neighbourhood include the Gautrain, minibus taxis, buses and e-hailing services.

For Transport Month (marked annually in October throughout SA), the Rosebank Districts and Oxford Park Management District collaborated with a number of on-the-ground organisations, forming an action group to explore ways to improve mobility and non-motorised transportation (NMT) in the greater Rosebank area.

The action group has outlined key areas of interest and room for improvement across the node, defined a project scope and established an initiative called #GoRosebank to drive participation from various stakeholders. This is the start of an ongoing series of actions to improve the life of those who make use of Rosebank’s streets.

The primary objective of this project is to promote sustainable and active mobility in the node and nearby neighbourhoods, starting with positioning Rosebank as a bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood. This has seen the start of an initiative to raise awareness about existing cycle-friendly infrastructure and lobby stakeholders (landlords and developers) to consider the installation of supportive infrastructure and facilities that will enable an active community.

The #GoRosebank initiative’s first phase comprises a series of events and activations to raise awareness, such as organised neighbourhood rides and runs, piloting a temporary cycle lane circuit to assess the viability of a permanent designated lane, painting identified intersections with the help of Pothole Patrol, and adding pedestrian crossings, and engaging people on social media for feedback on the experience of cycling in Rosebank. 

In addition, tactical urbanism is being employed to implement small, yet significant, changes that will improve the experience of using non-motorized transport facilities, and test infrastructure and design interventions that can be applied across the neighbourhood.

The initiative also provides a platform for enhanced dialogue with the City of Joburg Transport Department and its entities to encourage their participation, refine ideas and identify channels to engage with the community’s experience as a means to gather data that can guide future interventions.

Here are some events and activities that took place in October as part of transport month. 

Overall, the #GoRosebank initiative represents a significant step forward in promoting progressive mobility in the precinct, establishing it as Joburg’s leading sustainable mobility hub. With continued community engagement and strategic partnerships, we can create a more bike-friendly neighbourhood that is safe, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone.

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The Rosebank Management Districts and Oxford Park Management District are working with Young Urbanists + Active Mobility Forum, Johannesburg In Your Pocket, Banditz Bicycle Club, Girls on Bikes, CityCon Africa, Pothole Patrol and Illovo Boulevard Management District for the success of this initiative.

To find out more and participate in this contact Rosebank District Manager, Mikhaela Donaldson at

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